Giant Cinnamon Roll

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen this Giant Cinnamon Roll in your Facebook feed at least once over the past month or so (courtesy of Buzzfeed Tasty), and if you’re like me, you’ve saved it and watched it about 10 times. As soon as I saw how simple it is to make this cinnamon-y swirl of magnificence, I had to try it for myself – and so I did!


Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Not only is this cinnamon roll definitely one of the Top 10 Most Delicious Things I’ve Ever Eaten, it’s really fun to make too! I felt like a kid again getting my hands gooey kneading the dough and spreading thick layers of sugary cinnamon butter. The best part was definitely rolling the dough up layer after layer. The pattern the dough and cinnamon butter make is mesmerising. And when it rises up in the oven! Not much can be more satisfying.

IMG_9195(This is what the dough looks like once you’ve just mixed everything together. You then need to cover the bowl with a cloth and let it rise for an hour.)

IMG_9199(My dough rising!)

IMG_9230(My dough risen!)

IMG_9227(Mmm…look at that sugary cinnamon goodness.)

IMG_9241(Here, you add a little more flour to the dough to get it to a kneading consistency.)

IMG_9248IMG_9250IMG_9257IMG_9981(The best part!)

Whoever came up with the cream cheese frosting for this recipe must have been sent straight from heaven because it’s the best I have ever tasted. Pair sweet and tart cream cheese frosting with warm, gooey, sweet dough that falls apart layer by layer and next thing you know you’re trying to justify why it’s necessary to go back for the fourth slice. (Hint: you don’t need to justify it – you just can because it tastes so good!).


SO, basically what I’m getting at is that you should make this cinnamon roll as soon as you possibly can. Everyone deserves to taste this at least once in their lifetime.

IMG_9952IMG_9980(Look at those layers!)

Find the recipe for this Giant Cinnamon Roll here. All hail Buzzfeed.

IMG_9342(Ok I lied, this is the best part.)

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