Roasted Butternut Hummus with Crispy ‘Wrap’ Chips

Admittedly, I made this butternut hummus so long ago I can’t remember the exact measurements that I used. However, that’s the great thing about hummus, everyone has their own preference in terms of texture and flavour, and since it’s so easy to make it’s an easy thing to play around with.


I had a few friends over a while back and decided I wanted to make a snack for us to have with a few drinks around the fireplace. I rummaged around in my pantry for a bit and discovered that we had two tins of chickpeas and, lucky for me, we also had some tahini (sesame seed paste) in the fridge. So basically it was a no brainer that I was going to make hummus.


Although I really like the taste of regular hummus, I felt like experimenting with some different flavours to make something a bit more comforting, especially since it was such a cold day. I eventually I decided to make a butternut hummus with feta crumbled into it – the result was absolutely life changing.

I then had to think about what we’d use to scoop up the hummus. I love eating it with cut up veggies but I wanted something a little more crispy and delicious…Then I remembered – wrap chips! “What is she going on about?” you may be thinking, but I’m about to introduce you to one of the best life hacks you’ll ever come across. Ever wondered what to do with those wholegrain wraps that you thought you’d finish by the end of the week that have started going stale? Well fret no more, you no longer have to waste food by throwing them away, just make them into chips! All you have to do is cut them up into triangles, brush them with a little olive oil, crack over some salt, pepper and any other spices you please and pop them into a hot oven until golden brown all over and crispy. Easy!


My hummus and chips were a huge hit amongst my friends and I look forward to making even more variations during these summer holidays! (Keep your eyes peeled for my impending summer concoctions). Find the recipe for my Butternut Hummus on the More Than Food website here.


As you can see, it goes really well with Rooibos gin too! Just look at how happy Sam is – balance is butternut hummus on a wrap chip in one hand and a G&T in the other.

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