Holiday Food Part 1: Braai Broodjies

Whether you’re having them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack, one can rarely go wrong with this South African classic – the Braai Broodjie. “But, Em, these just look like toasted sandwiches…”, you may be saying, however the essential difference is that these smokey holiday treats are toasted over coals and not in a boring old snackwich machine.

IMG_1178 IMG_1179

Whilst on holiday in Underbreg, my family probably made these sandwiches every day. They’re so easy and so delicious its impossible to get tired of them. Considering how quick they are to make, they’re the perfect post-hike meal too. Whilst on our little family getaway we came up with three variations and one damn incredible dipping sauce. All you need are a few ingredients, a sandwich grid (or a metal spatula/tongs to flip on a normal grid), and some hot coals.



This is a fairly informal process so these are the basic ingredients you will need:

Fresh white bread, sliced

Cheese, grated


Tomato, sliced

Onion, sliced thinly


Tuna mayonaise

Chilli sauce


Salt & pepper



The variations we came up with whilst on holiday were: cheese & tomato; cheese, tomato & onion; ham & cheese; and tuna melt. The first three are fairly straightforward, whilst the tuna melt we simply made with tinned tuna mixed with Crosse & Blackwell mayo topped with grated gouda cheese.

All you need to do is take out as much bread as you need, butter the outsides (i.e. one side of each slice) of the bread, and then place your fillings on the ‘dry’ side of the bread. As I’ve already mentioned we added cheese & tomato; cheese, tomato, & onion; ham & cheese; and tuna mayo with cheese. Top off your fillings with a little salt and pepper place the second slice of bread butter side up and you’re ready to braai your broodjies! (Please note: the butter needs to be on the OUTSIDE of the bread in case I haven’t made that clear. This helps to make it charred, crisp, and smokey).

Make sure you’ve made your fire in advance of preparing your sandwiches, as the fire needs to die down into hot coals before you place your sandwiches over the heat.


Place your broodjies two at a time in your sandwich grid or on a normal braai grid on top if the coals and toast for a few minutes each side until slightly charred and the cheese is melted. Once the sandwich is toasted and the cheese is stringy, remove from the heat and slice in half. We toasted the sandwiches for roughly 3 minutes each side.


To make a killer dipping sauce, just mix some mayonnaise with about a quarter of the amount of fresh chilli sauce. We used my mom’s chilli sauce which she makes herself (I’ll eventually post the recipe), but any fresh chilli sauce you can find will do.


All there’s left to do is enjoy you’re broodjies and have a nice afternoon nap under the trees.



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