Holiday Food Part 2: Italian Platters

Alright so this is not necessarily an ‘Italian Platter’, but my love for platters as meals definitely stems from my Italian heritage. The only component of this platter that’s not Italian is the hummus and pita bread (maybe carrot sticks???). Other aspects may be more French, however I have a French great-grandmother and am not too fastidious when it comes to separating the two.


One of my family’s favourite meals to prepare whilst on holiday is a meat and cheese platter. If it’s paired with a bottle of prosseco, well that’s for the better as far as they’re concerned. In this post I’ll outline the different elements they included as well as some winner pairings.


For this platter we included:


Sliced fresh tomato

Carrot sticks


Red grapes

Blue cheese

Camembert cheese

Gouda  cheese

Cream cheese (sun-dried tomato & basil)

Chicken liver paté

Basil pesto


Toasted pita breads

Preserved figs



As for the pairings, salami and gouda is always good, with my second favourite camembert cheese and fig coming in a close second. Obviously the carrots and pitas went amazingly with hummus, and the cream cheese and crackers weren’t one to pass up.


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